One Click LCA Planetary

One Click LCA Planetary, a free embodied carbon tool in 16 countries.
The new free tool helps you calculate embodied carbon - cradle to gate impacts (A1-A3) of the top ten construction material categories (cement, concrete, steel, etc.) in your building designs.
The intention is to make embodied carbon a standard part of any construction project. With this tool, we remove barriers from the adoption of basic embodied carbon calculations.
One Click LCA Planetary covers ten most important construction materials and selected essential assemblies. New EPDs are constantly being added and, with an easy ‘copy’ feature, you can create, optimize and compare multiple designs with few clicks and achieve real carbon reductions.
Use the software from a PC or a smartphone in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish languages, and more to come.
Bionova is launching the tool on all continents, but initially in countries where we have a national partner. These include International Living Future Institute, 12 green building councils, regulators, and architect’s councils.

You can find more details on the tool webpage.