Project Description

Romania Green Building Council  has co-developed with a leading regional bank an innovative Green Mortgage product that rewards energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.   The preferential financing allows the project developer to invest early in essential green design and other solutions and rewards the homeowner with a better quality home and a lower monthly total cost of ownership.

The Green Mortgage applies only for buildings certified by RoGBC within the Green Homes program.

The Green Mortgage provides discounted mortgage pricing available to suitably-qualified, prospective home buyers interested in buying a home or apartment subject to guidelines established by the Romania Green Building Council (RoGBC) related to superior energy efficiency and environmental considerations.

The RoGBC holds monthly workshops that cover the following points:

-        General description of the program

-        The business case for and benefits of a Green Mortgage

-        How can a residential project developer meet the Green Mortgage criteria?

-        Process for homeowners to apply for a Green Mortgage  

-        How can providers of green building solutions (services, materials, technology, other products) become Green Mortgage approved solution providers?

-        How will the program be marketed in general and for specific projects


Visit the RoGBC events calendar to find the next scheduled workshop and participate.