CoME EASY is a project funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme that aims to promote, facilitate, support and extend the engagement of local public authorities on their pathway towards a sustainable and responsible energy and climate policy according to EU targets.

CoME EASY offers an all-inclusive, effective and easy-to-apply package of supportive tools that pave the way for local authorities to unite and synthesize the benefits, strengths and unique features of internationally and nationally recognized energy efficiency and climate policy management approaches. Requirements from initiatives such as Covenant of Mayors, European Energy Awards, ISO, Smart City will be tuned up and harmonised in order to strengthen the municipal commitment to EU targets and to enhance synergies. Through the project’s supportive tools municipalities can achieve better results with less effort and improve their local energy efficiency and climate policy.

The project is being developed by 13 partners from seven countries: Spes Consulting (Italy), Ademe (France), The Austrian Energy Agency, Enco Energy Consulting AG (Switzerland), B.&S.U. mbH (Germany), KlimaHaus Agentur (Italy), MT Partenaires Engineering (France), The European Energy Award (Switzerland), myenergy (Luxembourg), Romania Green Building Council (Romania), Energieinstitut Vorarlberg (Austria), WIENFLUSS (Austria) and The Intercommunal Syndicate of Réidener Kanton (Luxembourg).

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