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RoGBC Related

RoGBC Related

Change Romania with BUILD UPON, Bucharest!  
Location : IDA, Argentina Street, no.43, Bucharest
From: Monday 23 May 2016, 11:00
To: Monday 23 May 2016, 18:00

Main Topic 

How to make “improving Romania” synonymous with “improving renovation”. This will address and enhance many of the problematic issues encountered so far, such as building safety, poor quality of construction, lack of transparency, lack of general awareness and participation of all stakeholders into an integrative process of co-designing an improved National Renovation Strategy.

Main Barrier to Be Addressed

Awareness Raising and Financial & Economic were identified by our consultation core group as key barriers and key opportunities. All types of buildings will be addressed: residential to continue and improve the existing renovation process, public buildings to set examples of best practices and commercial, which already have achieved higher standards of energy efficiency and sustainable renovation. In overcoming these barriers, we will also build upon our most popular financial initiatives in recent years: Green Mortgages and Property Tax Reduction for green buildings. The focus on Awareness Raising will fit with the main topic of “Changing Romania with Build Upon”.

Completion of national development and investment projects lists in order to create jobs and economic growth as well as the integration of sustainable development principles, green economy and circular economy.

Main Tools

Romanian Stakeholder Map ; Renowiki Database

Areas to be Addressed

Regional, Local

Expected Results

We expect the creation of an “Ambition Statement” with a set of recommendations for the central government to improve the existing National Renovation Strategy. Stakeholder participants’ dialogue and established ambitions will be recorded and utilized within subsequent workshops. Expert teachings and World Cafe Dialogue Format will contribute to consolidate a constructive collaboration for the National Renovation Strategy and incubate new ideas for achieving a better implementation through an improved National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency. We also expect as a result of the collaborative policy making, a better engagement of the end users as key stakeholders in the building renovation process.


Representatives of business community, NGOs, Research & Academia, building users representatives, Romania Green Building Council and other experts in the construction field.

Agenda will be available soon.

EXPERT: Steven Beckers, C2C accredited Architect  

Steven is the President of the Implementation Centre for Circular Economy and a founding partner and CEO at Lateral Thinking Factory ; supporting projects according to Circular Economy / Cradle to Cradle™ (c2c) principles with a multidisciplinary network of world experts that include c2c authors Dr.Michael Braungart and Architect William Mc Donough. Since May 2012 Steven is also co-chair of the groups “Communities” and “Africa” for the Hanwang Forum based in Beijing.

Since completion of his architectural studies diploma work in 1984, Mr. Beckers developed a global approach on sustainability in architecture and urban planning. This approach began with the Meknes Hotel project featuring natural climate control, local materials and labour, water treatment and contextual/cultural approaches. The project was honoured with the Aga Khan and “African Technical Association” prize. A year later, his project for the Wilson Palace in association with tje Geneva Gaillard Architect firm was awarded the jury prize on environmental urban planning.

Steven was European director of the London firm EPR architects from 1986 till 1996 and was a founding member of Architecturo EEIG in 1990. The European group responsible for sustainable projects in France, UK and Portugal won the 1996 Green Office European award with the EXPO 98 Headquarters in Lisbon. As Head of Architecture for Berlaymont 2000, He was responsible for the 250 million Euro restructuring of the European Commission headquarters in Brussels which is recognized as a European Commission benchmark in sustainabilityand was awarded the PLEA Passive and Low Energy Architecture award in Cambridge 2000.

From 2000 till 2010, Steven was a partner with Art&Build Architects; a firm selected by Greenpeace for their headquarters in Brussels, by the Council of Europe for the Agora , Pharmacopea and nursery buildings in Straubourg (receiving BEX, MIPIM, LEAF and RICS prizes). Steven initiated, with AG Real Estate for Carré 92 HQE&BBC a 15 hectare development in Gennevilliers, France and with Equilis the 30 hectare Waterwalk Cradle2Cradle urban regeneration in Brussels.

Steven Beckers is now an independent registered Cradle to Cradle™ architect/consultant, Master of Conference at BATir ULB university, vice president of Seco building control, founding member of Local Solutions Development Group ASBL already active in Africa.



-Deep Renovation ideas and strategies

-Renovation Projects / Initiatives at the building and community level

-c2c/Circular Economy concepts integrated into Renovation projects/initiatives

- Building Integrated Greenhouses; with emphases on renovations

Agenda is available here.


These topics support the objectives of the BUILD UPON project funded by the European Commission's Horizon 2020 program. 

A key objective of the BUILD UPON project is to promote participative policy making to improve the design & implementation of the National Renovation Strategy. The workshop will include presentations as well as group exercises to include the participants in contributing their knowledge and feedback about if or how the ideas presented can be implemented locally.   

More info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.  Limited seats, please send request for invitation and wait for confirmation.