Deretica's main objective is to identify, develop and implement optimal solutions that can raise the quality of life to a higher level.
Deretica - a team of young people specialized in central suction systems - passionate about their work, delighted by the impact / positive effects / results of their actions, fascinated by technological and social developments.
Deretica has a complete portfolio of central suction systems with implementation in residential, commercial or industrial environments - high-performance systems used in a wide variety of applications including apartments, houses, hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, schools, kindergartens, cinemas, workshops, salons, banks, theaters, places of worship, hospitals, rest homes, car washes, yachts, sports complexes, etc.
In essence, any living space can benefit from the professional suction power, efficiency and reliability of a central suction system, a system with almost zero-maintenance.
A central suction system gives you more free time to spend with your family, at home, in a healthier environment.
Innovative, high-performance system that reduces the costs associated with cleaning, makes no noise and increases the level of hygiene.
Innovative systems that ensure: superior air quality, reduced cleaning time, simplification of the cleaning process, reduced noise and more comfort for employees, low maintenance and low associated costs, energy efficiency.