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RoGBC Related

Energynomics Conference - Smart Cities  
Location : Bucharest
From: Wednesday 13 April 2022, 00:00
To: Thursday 14 April 2022, 00:00

Andrei Botiș, RoGBC President, will participate in this event as a speaker.

The Energynomics Conference will be held on April 13-14, 2022, from 10-14. For registration and more details, you can access the event page -




Transport, heating and pollution are the main topics of interest for city dwellers all over the world. Add to this the fast, simple and secure exchange of information between citizens and

the authorities responsible for the smooth running of all public services, from tax, cleaning, education and health to security and protection.


Technology providers offer solutions for centralized or individual approaches, addressing public institutions or large utility companies, but also end users. There are equipment and products, there are applications or software packages, there are services or commercial models that can contribute, one by one, to an increased comfort, to an extra efficiency or to a better control of the consumption of resources.

Increasingly, artificial intelligence and digitization are embedded in everyday life. How do we balance the growing energy and communication needs, the obligation to renovate / replace obsolete systems, with the reduction of the impact on the environment? We aim to bring you experts and companies to learn more about technologies and behaviors, as well as projects that will change your life in the years to come!



• The elements that make a building smart. How does a smart building help us? Smart operation and maintenance services

• How it is made, how much it costs and to whom it is addressed. Models of smart buildings in retail

• Intelligent buildings in logistics and production - models of good practice

• Smart buildings for landlords and tenants - different roles in competition for office building technology

• How do smart buildings help improve employees' lifestyles and productivity?

• Efficient lighting - Security lighting


• The impact of buildings on the environment. Ways to reduce carbon footprint - strategies and partnerships

• Smart utilities for smart buildings and spaces

• Renewable energy resources for the urban environment

• Digitization and IoT

• Smart Cities & Big Data - IoT Network Edge Infrastructure and End Devices

• Smart factories - how close are they?

• Transforming facility management services into the digital age. Trends of the year in FMS Building Management System & IoT Integration

• Cybersecurity & Safety. The challenges and vulnerabilities of an integrated system

• IoT connectivity: costs, security and operational benefits

• Security and privacy, security and threats.

• Digital Innovation Services

• Digital transformation in the public sector


• Legislation, regulation, efficiency solutions. Energy manager - regulations and the role in the company, which companies must submit ANRE statements

• Energy efficiency and automation technologies. Smart metering. Energy efficiency projects: examples and good practices. Financing in the area of ​​energy efficiency for buildings

• Monitoring and control - how do we reduce operating costs?

• Efficient consumption



In 2021, not only the sales of green cars have continued at a very fast growth rate, but also the installation of charging stations, most of them fast stations. But it's not just cars that are contributing to the electric revolution; Electric bicycles are more and more numerous, and electric buses have become a reality in several large cities in Romania. This is followed by the electrification of heavy truck fleets, a segment in which major manufacturers announce new models every year, and fleet owners are increasingly interested in carbon-free transport.

The development of loading infrastructure has visibly accelerated, with the entry of several municipalities in the market and promises spectacular developments for the coming years. What's new in battery efficiency is still to be expected, but many companies are coming up with advanced charging control and customer management software solutions. Every day, the market is crowded; we aim to identify together who are the most active players and what are the main opportunities not to be missed in 2022!


• Mobility in a smart city

• Perspectives in the development of infrastructure for electric cars

• Technological solutions available today, valid in the future

• Good practices for involving local authorities

• Intelligent transport and traffic management systems

• Offer and mobility services available

• Electric mobility - a solution for optimizing operational costs

• Stimulating factors in the transition to corporate fleets of electric cars

• Business models stimulated by electric vehicles

• Urban monitoring and optimization

• Networks and smart platforms for connected spaces. Monitoring and support services