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Sustainability – Shaping the Future of Brands - 2nd Edition  
Location : Seneca Anticafe, str. Arhitect Ion Mincu 1
From: Tuesday 05 June 2018, 09:30
To: Tuesday 05 June 2018, 14:00

Having reached its second edition, the Sustainability conference - Shaping the Future of Brands continues to be a meeting point for brands for which sustainability is an integral part of their mission and value.

Together with the invited speakers, we will continue to promote best practices, analyze the latest trends in the field and identify how brands can evolve in line with the demands of the new generation of consumers through innovation and current business models and sustainable development.


Discussion topics:

    Sustainability as a tool to increase brand performance;

    The need for reinvention and adaptation brands - Transforming business models for tomorrow's markets;

    Generating solutions that meet both business needs and social needs;

    How you gain the trust and attachment to the brand among the community;

    The new values ​​of Millennials and Generation Z; How do brands need to address these generations? How should brands follow these generations?

    Communicating sustainability in a digital world; How to Transmit the Message Through Different Channels to the Digital Environment strengthening stakeholder trust and engagement through different platforms;

    Communicating brand vision through brand ambassadors; How can companies transform their own employees into brand ambassadors;

    Trends in sustainable retail and how they can be applied;

    Sustainability of the production and supply chain;

    Protecting local resources and community development;

    Environmental impact reporting;

    Ethics in Business;

    Sustainability and Blockchain Technology.


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