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RoGBC Related

RoGBC Related

RoEnergy South-East Europe Bucharest 2018, 7th edition  
Location : Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti, B-dul Splaiul Independentei, nr. 313, sector 6
From: Wednesday 09 May 2018, 09:30
To: Friday 11 May 2018, 14:00




SOLAR SYSTEM (photovoltaic, solar thermal)

    •    mono- & poly-crystalline, amorphous PV modules

    •    AC inverters

    •    cabling components for PV systems

    •    mounting structures for PV systems

    •    turn-key grid-connected PV plants

    •    solar tracking PV plants

    •    roof-integrated PV plants

    •    façade-integrated PV plants

    •    PV systems & hybrid systems for off-grid applications

    •    PV street lighting

    •    flat plate, evacuated pipes, unglazed & air solar collectors

    •    solar boilers, piping & components for solar thermal system

    •    complete natural & forced circulation DHW systems

    •    combined space heating & DHW solar systems

    •    combined solar thermal & gas systems

    •    solar cooling

    •    concentration systems for solar thermal power


BIOENERGY (biomass, biogas, waste energy, liquid biofuels)

    • Woodlogs, woodchips & woodpellets gasification boilers

    • biomass district heating

    • combined solar thermal & biomass systems

    • steam cycle, gasification, Stirling engine biomass-fired CHP

    • farm, landfill & sewage biogas plants

    • biodiesel & vegetables oil burners


WATER & WIND (hydropower, windpower, geothermal energy)

    • turbines, components & turn-key mini- hydro plants

    • large-hydro plant refurbishment

    • offgrid & grid-connected small-scale windpower

    • windfarms

    • turn-key geothermal heating & cooling plants

    • geothermal well drilling

    • heat pumps


Cogeneration, Trigeneration

    • biogas- & natural gas-fired ICE CHP plants

    • natural gas microturbines

    • diesel- & biofuels-fired ICE CHP plants

    • tri-generation plants

    • industrial cogeneration


LED Technologies

    • energy efficiency

    • long- term life

    • color

    • shock resistance

    • size


HYENERGY (hydrogen and fuel cells)

    • distributed generation with fuel cells systems

    • fuel cells vehicles

    • hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine vehicles



    • renewable energy planning, resource assessment

    • project development & design

    • green labelling, renewable energy trading

    • performance contracting, third party financing

    • renewable energy heat service & leasing schemes

    • green energy banking & financing schemes

    • carbon management, carbon trading, joint implementation

    • technology information & transfer

    • R&D, demonstration, testing & certification



Identity: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy International Trade Fair Bucharest, 7th edition

Events: exhibition, conferences, workshop, round table, brokerage

Target: architects, electricians, utilities managers, managers, designers, investors, RES developers, energy producers, energy suppliers, consultants, EPC, woodworking industry, public authorities, banking institutions, professional associations, investors, end-users , mass media.


Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.