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Pria Urban Innovation & E-Mobility Conference  
Location : online
From: Thursday 15 April 2021, 11:00
To: Thursday 15 April 2021, 12:00

PRIA Urban Innovation & E-Mobility Conference is a national event PRIAevents, with energy provided by ENGIE Romania, is the unique platform for in-depth discussions between local administrations, representatives of the business environment, academia, specialists in urbanism, technology and services at national level and internationally, but also community leaders.

The PRIA Urban Innovation & E-Mobility conference will take place online both on Facebook and on an online platform for events and will bring together both companies and leaders at central and local level, representatives of civil society, media from cities such as: Bucharest , Cluj, Iași, Sibiu, Brașov, Oradea, Buzău, Timișoara and not only, all in continuous development and which have given or will give special importance to projects that improve the city, its business and social life.

The event will focus on important discussion points for the urban environment - mobility, energy, technology, environment, construct & real estate and infrastructure and will attract thousands of views.


Main topics:

• Public-private partnership - local solutions, strategic partnerships, which lead to sustainability and economic development;

• Reducing pollution and promoting transport planning, public health, education, environment, renewable energy development;

• Reorganization of sustainable urban mobility of the entire system through which we operate, focusing on environmental protection, reducing conventional energy consumption, reducing pollution and promoting green energy sources;

• Technological innovations in the field of environmental protection, the use of technology to help cities function better;

• How should we build smart, green buildings? Is investing in mobility the key to our urban future? Carbon-free cities - infrastructure for bicycles, infrastructure and facilities for electric cars;

• The current context and opportunities for intersectoral collaboration to promote e-mobility in Romania;

• Identifying green infrastructure opportunities to increase green space in a highly urbanized community, improve air quality, reduce the effect of urban heat islands and increase environmental biodiversity;

• Digitization of the circular economy and the impact for the cities of the future;

• How can we integrate variable sources of renewable energy into the electricity system? Increasing energy efficiency. How is the smart grid developing?

• The impact of technology in the development of electricity networks to smart grids, microgrids and the active consumer?

The invited lecturers are:

George NICULESCU - Secretary of State, Ministry of Energy

Mihai CHIRICĂ - Mayor of Iași

Alin NICA - President of Timis Council County

Representative of Cluj-Napoca City Hall

Ilie BOLOJAN - President of Bihor Council County

Octav BACIU - Green & tech project coordinator, ENGIE Romania

Cotiso LASCU - GNCV project manager, ENGIE Romania

Radu MERICA - General Manager, RER Ecologic Group

APIA representative

Iuliana CHILEA - General Manager, ASRO

Bianca MUNTEAN - Executive Director, Transilvnia IT Cluster

Alexandra STOICA - Executive Director, Transilvania Energy Cluster, TREC

Representative of electric cars, bikes, charging stations

Urban areas are growing and changing every year, so we need to be ready to embrace the future as we grow and change. Therefore, the debates at the PRIA Innovation & Urban Mobility Conference will reflect the true meaning of what is needed to develop strong cities for the future. We will also highlight points that will lead to successful urban activities and provide opportunities to build collaborative partnerships, to explore developing urban issues, to discover innovative technologies for urban development.

Participate in the Pria Urban Innovation & E-Mobility Conference, an event in which you will learn about legislative developments and you will be able to analyze opportunities for urban innovation, with case studies and examples. You can enjoy the presence of important lecturers: central and local authorities, top business people in the energy, construction and real estate, environment, IT&C, transport and logistics, standardization and more, as well as the media.

PRIAevents conferences always bring to the attention of the most important and current issues of debate in each field of business and benefit from a large number of participants and representatives of the media. With over 15 years of experience in organizing premium business events, the PRIAevents team is recognized for organizing top events in the most representative sectors of the economy and is a leader in online and hybrid conferences in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

To watch for free and receive presentations at the event, please register here.