Bencomp SRL is the largest producer of WPC profiles in Southeast Europe and the Balkans. The production recipe contains approximately 90% materials from waste (wood flour and plastic waste), the rest being UV stabilizers and various additives (i.e. against mold or insects).

Uses of Bencomp products:
WPC profiles for outdoor floors (deck) - terraces, pontoons, playgrounds, pedestrian alleys, swimming pools, terraces for restaurants, bars.
• for residential use
• for commercial use
• for heavy traffic
• mounting accessories: clamps, stainless steel screws, support rail and corners

WPC profiles for fences and fences/railings - solid profiles and cellular profiles
• Boards
• Slats
• Crossbars (railling)
• Pillars
• Mounting accessories: covers and collars for pillars, metal supports for pillars, connectors, clamps

Some of the WPC profiles for fences can also be used for making street furniture - trash cans, planters, etc. - or for making pergolas and gazebos.
WPC profiles for paneling - exterior cladding.

Over time, the production capacity of the BENCOMP plant has steadily increased and, since the 2015 season, the number of WPC profiles has reached over 40.
•    11 different types of floor profiles
•    4 of exterior panelling (exterior cladding)
•    Over 15 fence profiles - planks, sleepers, pillars, etc.
•    3 types of pergola beams
•    Over 20 accessory models for mounting these profiles